Your World Through My Lens

Kirk M. Rogers

Kirk M. Rogers Photography covers an extraordinary range – from the splendors of the night sky to the exquisite detail of a Wood Duck’s feathers. Rogers travels with his cameras and astrophotography equipment, whether flying for business or touring the U.S. and Canada on his Harley Davidson. Among the many photographic subjects in portfolio, his images of landscapes, birds and the night sky are further enhanced by his refined print processing, attractive media treatments and presentations. Over the past decade, he has compiled a portfolio to rival some of the great American landscape and naturalist photographers. Read More »

New Elephant Seals Photojournal

Elephant Seals

If you follow my work, or my other PhotoJournal (, you know I have been out of touch for a while.    Work has located me in Southern California for the past year.  I have taken thousands of images during my time in California and have perhaps ten thousand enhanced shots archived over the past year. Read More »